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CARRYBAG®, the Made in Italy bag holder

The innovative bag hanger. The perfect choice for any restaurant, bar, hotel and hairdresser shop.

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Carrybag® is the innovative Made in Italy bag hanger strictly. It is designed and patented to meet the needs of all customers of restaurants, bars, pubs, clubs and hairdressing shops who want to always keep their bags and briefcases at their fingertips. Forget bags sadly placed on the floor, or tucked into the chairs clients are sitting in. Forget about guests who carry bag hangers from home which don’t fits on all tables.

Carrybag® is a functional and design product, designed for each professional and entrepreneur of catering and hospitality (HoReCa), who seeks the total satisfaction of the customers during the experience in their own restaurant or in their own beauty salon and shop of hairdressers. You can offer your customers a comfortable service, which guarantees total appreciation.

Custom Logo

You can customize Carrybag® by adding your own company logo. The logo will be realized with the laser cut technique. In order to have the perfect custom to specification logo an high resolution image or a vector image is required.

As concerns Carrybag®, Carrybag® with multiple socket and Carrybag® with powerbank the maximum logo size allowded is 13 cm x 18 cm. If you need to apply a logo to a Carrybag® Mini you will go for 10 cm x 12 cm. Logo will be laser cut on a 1 mm thick steel plate which will then be welded flush and varnished.

Gloss Finish

Carrybag® the bag holder comes in matte finish version. This is the standard one. However you can custom your own bag holder according to your taste and needs in fact of furnishing. You can contact our commercial team and ask for a custom Carrybag® with glossy finish. You can choose from 30% gloss to 100%. The more percentage you select, the more shiny your Carrybag® will be.

Custom Colours

Carrybag® comes in six color variants. If the color you have chosen is not present in our range, you can contact our team, and in agreement with our sales department, communicate your favourite RAL. You will achieve the optimal result of having the chosen color to furnish your restaurant, café, etc.

Main Carrybag® features

Made in Italy, 5 years warranty and a design furniture element

Carrybag® the Made in Italy bag holder is realized with high end materials, and a particular attention to refined finishes, by our skilled craftsmen. Among Carrybag® features you will have a 5 years warranty and a metal structure to be super ressistent and balanced. The Teflon feet that are positioned and hidden at the base allows sliding Carrybag® on the floor and make it easy to move for everyone. So Carrybag® can be stored in a small warehouse, and then moved with ease by any member of the staff.

The modern, minimal and refined design, conceived by our team of creatives and studied in detail to support up to four bags, is customizable in finishes -opaque or glossy- and in colors according to the customer’s requests. Carrybag® is available in 2 different heights: standard (100cm max) and mini (70cm max). The extra touch? You can customize the bag holder with your own logo, made with laser cutting directly in the production phase.

Carrybag® is a patented furniture element

Carrybag® is a patented and registered invention. There is nothing else like it. It is created to solve the specific problem of managing the bags of customers in the HoReCa sector (Hotels, Restaurants, Cafes). Carrybag® is different from other bag hangers. It can’t be unbalanced, it doesn’t fall and it can’t be stolen by customers. And morover is classy.

Find out who we are

Carrybag® is a registered trademark owned by Erregroup S.r.l., one of the companies of the Rizzo family. The Rizzo family, with its other companies, MGR Casino Chairs and Errequattro S.r.l, represents a brand of excellence in the furnishing components market. A long history of creativity and success, for products that has always been positioned at the top levels of quality, performance and service. The goal is to face the HoReCa market with an innovative product dedicated to solve any customer’s need. With a strong atention to a signature design and the famous Made in Italy quality.

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