Five ways to use Carrybag®

The bag holder that facilitates life

For the unfortunate few who still did not know it, Carrybag® is the completely Made in Italy design bag holder. This product, made of steel, is painted with colors that respect the trends of furniture and design and that will surely meet the tastes of everyone. Available in many variants, the Carrybag® bag holder can be used in different ways.

  1. Bag holder. Carrybag® can hold up to four capacious bags thanks to its ability to rest well on the ground. This product, suitable for chic restaurants, beauty salons and any refined and elegant place, has the peculiarity of being solid and perfectly designed.
  2. Support for the wine bucket. In addition to hanging up the bags, you will no longer have to worry about having the wine bucket awkwardly placed on the table to limit the conversations of the customers of your restaurant. Carrybag® can be used to attach the bucket to it in order to free up space.
  3. Place keys, wallets and recharge smartphones. Carrybag® is equipped with a tray with USB support in which, in addition to loading your devices, you can place the objects that you usually have in your pocket. Perfect for optimizing quick lunch breaks and taking advantage of it to charge your work tool: the smartphone.
  4. Hang jacket. From now on, the customers of your restaurant or cafe will be able to avoid hanging their jacket uncomfortably on the chair. Just hook it onto our Carrybag® and prevent it from creasing.
  5. Display. It may seem an unusual use, but Carrybag® has been used in the showroom of an interior design company, as a display of the different fabrics and coverings for their upholstery.

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